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A selection of materials from the Antiquarium of Classical Archaeology is now exhibited in the second-floor gallery; about 1500 original pieces compose the collection that was initiated by Silvio Ferri in the 50s.


Here, we can find every single type of ancient artifacts: potteries from Aegean, Etruscan and Roman areas, architectural and votive terracottas, metal and glass artifacts.

The collection, titled “The Etruscan in Pisa” (“Gli Etruschi a Pisa”), is an homage to the Etruscan origins of the city, though the exposed materials come either from southern Etruria or have no source indications. Three expository units concern the traditional banquets (“bucchero” pots), the funerary context (cineraries and grave goods) and ‘sancta sanctorum’ context (ex voto). These collections, together with a section of prehistorical original materials and casts, are included into the “Sistema Museale di Ateneo di Pisa” since 2013.